Grave Pop

by Thee Creeps

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Recorded in Mack's garage over a few years. 8 new tracks about bad stuff at high volume. Dig in.


released March 25, 2017

Mack Kernan - Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Jason Moody - Guitar
Matt Schuckert - Bass
Chris Taylor - Drums

Grab the tapes from King Pizza, big ups to Greg



all rights reserved


Thee Creeps New York

Big Mack Kernan - Guitar/Vocals
Jason Moody - Guitar
Matt Schuckert - Bass
Chris 'The Hottie' Taylor - Drums

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Track Name: Sweaty Angel
Dripping wet, her hand is delicate
Hands are shaking and her screams are thin
She’s got your eyes in a tightened vise
Another step, too precise

She’s my sweaty angel

Wild eyes like she’s been possessed
Dark screams like a demoness
Black boots and a floral dress
Hair is crazy and her makeup’s a mess

She’s in the gutter with the rotting mice
Nothing happens, it happens twice
She’s unstable and a little insane
A fallen angel with a problematic brain
Track Name: Personal Frankenstein
I've got a problem
I'm feeling sick
My head is swimming
I'm swimming thick

I'm sinking down
I'm digging in
You got inside my head
Now I can't win

I wish I was your personal Frankenstein
You know I'd feel so fine.
I'd be yours, I'm just a monster
But I'd do anything to make you mine

Up in my castle
Bolts in my head
A chain around my neck
Your name on it

I asked the doctor
What's wrong with me
He said 'You've got a monster crush
but it's an abnormality'
Track Name: Roach Ghost
Hey babe I’m the call that’s been waiting
Dial tone on the street and its raining

Late night on the train to New Jersey
Late night, I don’t know if you heard me

And I’m the roach that’s in your head
And I’m the ghost that won’t stay dead

I know what you’re dreaming of
But I don’t want to fall in love

Sweet thing, I don’t know what I’m feeling
That look you got, a wall of apathy, reeling

I’m shaking hard and I don’t understand why
Don’t wanna be alone, but I’m just trying to get by
Track Name: Catch My Wave
I’ve got a simple mind
Get rid of it
I’m always tripping up
Cause I’m an idiot

My baby says fine
She couldn’t care
She says she loves me
I don’t have a prayer

You can sleep inside my grave
You can pray but you won’t be saved
You’ll never catch my wave

I’ve got dirty sheets
I’m a glowing mess
I’ve got dirty feet
Up on your empty dress

No I don’t got time
To waste on you
My head’s glowing black
All my thoughts are blue
Track Name: Shitluck
A pile of shattered glass
A line of thirteen cats
The darkest kind of black

I’m always catching up
Always a dollar short
I’m always out of gas

I’ve got shitluck
Shitluck again
Well I’m fucking up,
Slipping up again

Another call you back,
Another not tonight
Another some other time

I’m gonna kill those cats
And make those mirrors shine
I’m gonna get what’s mine
Track Name: I Wanna Waste My Life
My throne is a couch full of empty cans
And busted hearts, and busted hands
My god is a worn out TV screen
With no more blues, and no more greens

The cigarettes taste like coconut trees
Nobody ever asks about the scrapes on your knees
We’re taping up our windows for the drunken seas
And sweating out our evils to the pulsing strings

If this is all a waste of time
I wanna waste my life

Sweating on the porch and cramped under the stairs
Packing sweaty bodies onto tables and chairs
Puddles of beer, lost lighters, and phones
Walls of white noise filter jovial drones

Out on the grass, the vibrating haze
We’re watching the dark crumble to day
Goodnights, goodbyes to the promise within
Waiting until it can happen again

If this is all a waste of time
I wanna waste my life
Track Name: I Can't Wait/Proud To Be A N.Y.C. Hippie
I waited six billion years in a cozy grave
The back of my eyes are a ruddy haze
Worms in my pockets and dirt in the seams
Rattling around with my rotted dreams

I wore my prettiest suit with the sleeves full of cards
I’m the luckiest body in the graveyard
My fingers are crossed, my future is bright
My soul is grinning and I’m sitting tight

I can’t wait for the world to end

Don’t you want to know, don’t you want to know
Got dead end feelings, and I’ve got no soul
A magic city six feet in the ground
Sinking to hell with a rushing sound

Here’s my coffin, kiss my bones
Throw black paint on my tombstone
Turn off the music, turn off the light
Toss me in a hole and kiss me goodnight

I can’t wait for the world to end