Dead Meat

by Thee Creeps

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Recorded over a really long period of time in Big Mack's garage. Sorry it took awhile. Hope ya dig it.


released June 2, 2013

all songs copyright Big 9 Records except The Clapping Song. We didn't write that one.



all rights reserved


Thee Creeps New York

Big Mack Kernan - Guitar/Vocals
Jason Moody - Guitar
Matt Schuckert - Bass
Chris 'The Hottie' Taylor - Drums

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Track Name: Huzzah & Hurrah
One sunny afternoon
I was down among the corpses
Drinking towards the moon

It's so nice to be
6 feet under
And this time it's for free

Huzzah and Hurrah

Give up, it's over
This one's for me
Track Name: The Witch Wants Your Head
I only think the bad thoughts
Smell all the dead flowers
Paint the soles of my feet black
And pace away the hours

That witch wants your head
Don't shine your light up
Keep it hid
There's evil, thinking bad
Save your life, and don't end up like me kid

I've had my share of devils,
Stepped on the wicked moon,
I've lived a life of a million sins,
But still I'm making room

Every floor I've ever seen
Still tilted with no shame
I touch the walls and I burn the air,
But they all taste the same

A sucking hole where a heart should be
A black cat and a burning tree
Another harpy hounding me
Trust me kids, this ain't the way to be
Track Name: Get The Hell Off The Beach
I wanna be where the girls shine bright
And I wanna be where the sun meets night
Worlds come down and hold my hand
Wind whips waves into the sand

Get the hell off the beach!

I'm just no good!

Tornado lungs and a hurrican heart
You rip me up right from the start
Tell me why you got no name
Just for skin, you have no shame
Track Name: Pick Your Poison
I'm gonna die when I'm 25
Don't really feel like being alive
I wan't it to be the summertime
I lived a fast short life, now I'm ready to die

Let the waves wash away my bones
Sandcastles on my tombstones
Gonna say that you don't have a choice
So raise your voice and pick your poison

Get tired get sick get dead
Beat your brains but you're stuck in bed
Dance with waking up, in your head
Gotta eat your mournings, gotta keep them fed

Take what you got, it's yours to keep
Lose your feelings while you're losing sleep
Dig it in, yeah dig it deep
Let the poison in, let it seep!
Track Name: Recycled Blood
The eye in the sky, the eye in the sky
Waves goodbye, waves goodbye
Waves goodbye to the broken sky
Waves goodbye to you and I

Tell me this, tell me this,
How can I save the world with just one kiss
Oh no, Oh no, she let it go,
The end is near, but it just won't show

Sister, sister, sister please,
How low can you go when you're down on your knees
Save me, save me, save me please
There's no cure and the planet's diseased!

Tell me this, tell me this
How can I save the world with just one kiss,
Just two fists,
And just one can of recycled blood!
Track Name: The Clapping Song
look em up
Track Name: There It Goes Again
Oh baby won't you take my hand,
My greasy skin and a dirty tan,
Well I can walk in the strangest day
To spin the moon till it's out of the way

There it goes again
But it stops, until I hit the bottom

I know you hate me, I see your fists
But wrap around my neck and give me a kiss
Turn my insides out to you,
and cast your curse just like the witches do
Track Name: Mega-Jangle
I used to be pretty broken,
But then I bought myself a roll of tape
And I taped up all the dead skin
And I did it all over again

I used to be pretty stubborn
But then I bought myself a new car
And I painted it all flat black
And put a big skull on the dash

And now I feel just fine

I used to have a mega jangle
But then I took my keys out of my jeans
And I put them back in my seams
And it put it back in my dreams

I still had the mega jangle
So I used up all the spare change
And I tried to re-arrange
But it just froze up my brains

And now I feel just fine

I tried drugs and drinking
I tried shock therapy
And I gulped down DDT
But the jangle won't leave me

I cooked up all the dead chicken
I tore up all the loose shoots
And I wore down my new boots
But the jangle just took root

I used to sleep in the gutter
I slept out in the street
And my shoes didn't cover my feet
And I had nothing to eat

I got out from the station
I got out of my car
And I walked up to the bar
And I turned off all the stars

I used to be kinda shaky
I used to be kinda dead
And I picked at a loaf of stale bread
No matter in my head

I embraced the mega jangle
And I cut it out of me
And I climbed up In a tree
And I fell into the sea
Track Name: I Believe In Jim Jones
Fifty foot looking frankenstein,
Mad man with the Jesus mind,
His death letter is a valentine,
And a thousand little kids
With their hands to the sky.

Knock it back because it’s time to prove,
The kool aid satan acid groove,
Cyanide with the sugar to boot,
Know it kicks real hard
But it feels so smooth.

Cheap seat to infinity,
Wave goodbye to the century,
Look away while the brilliant bleed,
And the thick red slime pools around their feet.

Waste away in the dead of night,
Jim Jones holds the future tight,
Looking through the windows in the line of sight
As the jackboots start up the firefight.

One by one the monastics fall,
For big Jim Jones in his fantastic hall,
He watches TV as the bombastic call,
‘You must be a monster just to kill them all’.

Jim Jones light is dying out,
He sent them all to heaven with a sacred cow,
With a gun to his head he puts the hammer down,
There’s no use waiting because the future is now!
Track Name: Bless You
I felt the vines creeping up around my feet
The kids are hungry but I have nothing to eat
I felt the light burning out inside my head
And when the sun rose I just went to sleep instead

I slept alone, and I could not care alone
My pillows rotted and I melted to the wall,
Then Jesus showed up in a big black limousine
But I rolled over and I carried on my dream

The sky came crushing down, the stars all went to sleep
I kept my eyes shut tight and didn't even blink
The radio was buzzing, everyone was dead
The fourth horse rode in, and I waved him on instead